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Analytic Trigonometry with Applications seventh edition. This Book is USED and is in Good condition, The corners are slightly banged up. There does not appear to be any writing inside the book. My description - There is enough trigonometry here to make your head swim. Below is the official description! 1998 - 536 pages - Featuring updated content, vivid applications, and integrated coverage of graphing utilities, the ninth edition of this hands-on trigonometry text guides readers step by step, from the right triangle to the unit-circle definitions of the trigonometric functions. Examples with matched problems illustrate almost every concept and encourage readers to be actively involved in the learning process. Key pedagogical elements, such as annotated examples, think boxes, caution warnings, and reviews, help readers comprehend and retain the material.
“POWER TOOL WOODWORKING FOR EVERYONE” by R. J. DeCristoforo. SHOPSMITH BOOK FOR SALE - A great used and old book on how to use your shopsmith and all it’s different attachments. This is a little out of the realm of Sheet Metal Layout but still related to working with tools at least. This book is in very good condition considering it;’s age. I used to have a Shopsmith Mark IV. Then we fell on some hardtimes in 2005, 2006... hmmm still hard times, anyway we had to auction it off in 2007. I sure do miss that tool. What a great piece of engineering it was. PRICE $15.00 and includes FREE SHIPPING. Ships via USPS Media Mail. I Only have one of these!
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1. Our original DVC Planners Sheet Metal Layout Manual #1. Click here for more details or to order one. 2. I have two books that I purchased sometime in the mid-eighties directly from the author P.R. Nolen when he was still alive. “Sheet Metal Math and Layout” and “Math and Measuring” both were copyright dated 1982. Click here for more Details, Pictures or to purchase. 3. I have two of these books: Introduction to Precise Sheet Metal Fabrication “THE ABC OF BENDING TOOLS” and three of these books “PRESS BRAKE TRAINING WORKBOOK” These are Amada manuals written by Amada staff so they do favor Amada’s Press Brakes when Click here for more Details, Pictures or to purchase. 4. Vintage Copyright 1945 by D Van Nostrand Company, inc. Metal Working Book, METALWORKING A handbook of Tools, Materials, Methods and Directions by Ray E. Haines Click here for more Details, Pictures or to purchase. 5. MATH, BLUEPRINT READING, MEASURING TOOLS, revised 1984, by Kennith King and A.D. Matlock, Machine Tool Specialist. Great Training Book! Click here for more details or to purchase We only ship to the 50 US States.